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Forum Raffle Beneficiary 2008, Lima
— Centro Ann Sullivan del Perù

The goal for CASP is to provide individual education and vocation programs for people with “different abilities” and for their families so all can be independent, productive and happy. In this way those with different abilities can take their rightful place as valued members of their family and community. These goals are simply the same that everyone is the world has a right to achieve.

Manuel working in a grocery store
for 11 years and with his salary he helps his family


CASP Pledges to:

  • Teach people with different abilities to experience success in life regardless of age

  • Teach families to become the best teachers of their children… to respect them and maintain high expectations of them

  • Teach and consult  with professionals who want to develop similar programs

  • Expand the effects of CASP programmatic knowledge to other  areas of the world

  • Conduct evaluative research aimed at developing effective educational programs

  • Teach the community to respect and include people with different abilities in activities

To reduce differences in how people with limitations are treated, CASP used the phrase “people with different abilities” rather than disabled, deficient, incapacitated, limited, dysfunctional, handicapped, etc.


In the back Kike works in 3M,  and Jorge in Wong grocery store, in the front  Liliana in a Metro grocery store and Marcos in the Banco de Credito

To learn more about this worthy organization,
please visit its website at




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