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Casa Goyeneche

As stated by the architect Héctor Velarde, “This House is considered one of special interest since it is among the first buildings influenced by the early eighteenth century French who gave it a genuine Lima expression. None of the traditional characteristics of the century  before had been altered not to affect its spirit, scale of projection, distribution and so forth, but the change in the outward appearance of its front section as far as embellishment and details are concerned is vividly expressive.”

“The epoch and origin are evident in the Louis XV curved panels in its balconies, doorways and even in the very structure of the masonry in its frontispiece.”

“In much the same way, the glass windows forming small open galleries in the balconies, the arch which is reduced to form a segment of a circle in the central window and the classical profiles of the ornamental cornice moldings all firmly assert Bourbon influence.”

“From an architectural standpoint, the structure is built in such a way to show perfect harmony and unity of all its elements which makes it one of the houses in Lima with true traditional category.”

As can be seen in the "Coat of Arms" adorning its walls, the House was inaugurated en 1771 by its proprietors, Messrs. Cavero and Vásquez de Acuña, who were relatives of the Counts de la Vega del Ren, according to information also provided by José de la Riva Agüero y Osma.

The House was maintained as part of the properties of its founders up to the middle of the nineteenth century when the sixth Count de la Vega del Ren, José Matías Vásquez de Acuña’s descendents transferred the property. A few years later on June 11th, 1859, the Conciliatory Seminary of Santo Toribio, represented by its Rector Dr. Pedro Pablo Rodríguez, sold the house which was received as a legacy from Archbishop Dr. José Manuel Pasquel, to Colonel Juan Mariano de Goyeneche y Barreda and his wife Mrs. Maria Santos Gamio de Goyeneche y Barreda.

The Goyeneche y Gamio children, Juan Mariano, José Sebastián, José Manuel, Carmen and Marίa Josefa, in turn, inherited the property on November 26th, 1894.

Miss Marίa Josefa de Goyeneche y Gamio, Duchess of Goyeneche, became the owner of the house through inheritance on August 1st, 1914.

On May 8th, 1928 the property was willed to the new owner, Mr. Pablo Antonio Rada y Gamio, who subsequently sold it to Mr. Enrique Ayulo Pardo on September 28th, 1940.

Banco de Crédito del Perύ acquired it from Mr. Ayulo Pardo in May 1971.

To carry out restoration of the House the indications related to its original construction, which are to be found in the existing deeds, were closely followed and the materials then available on the market were utilized. All the rooms have been beautifully decorated as reception environments and have been appropriately jewelled with furnishings and other valuable objects which are true interpretations of craftsmanship of the epoch.

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